Hii..Dion here , and I was born in (Yogyakarta / Jogja / Jogjakarta) , there are many guests I serve local or foreign guests traveling alone or in groups , People experience different about my service because I think it is relative, but many people says that my service is good, friendly and comfortable service is my work priority. I am is experienced driver and always to open discussions about the best time and places you want to go to here, so what are you waiting for, please e-mail or WhatsApp to contact me.

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It’s really good experience at Yogyakarta with Dion. The car is comfortable and pretty clean also. He had share us some of the local culture and bring us to eat some good and cheap local food too. He quite professional in term of planning the itinerary. Even we only have 3 days in Yogyakarta but we are managed to cover all the main attractions. He is very friendly and know how to speak basic English so communication it’s not a problem for him. If you want to travel to Yogya strongly recommend Dion to you as your driver. Enjoy your trip :)


The tour is very good!!He is very friendly,the car is very comfortable,has a lot of local knowledge and the price is reasonable!!! Highly recommended for everyone who wants to tour jogjakarta with comfort and ease!!!!

“Muhammad Indraki-Malaysia”

通过一位朋友的介绍认识了这位司机Dion。从刚开始的联系及规划行程,Dion 都给予我很多各方面的行程路线,帮了我不少忙。他的服务态度是不容置疑,很多时候我们排了满满的行程,远远超过了10个小时的服务,他一点埋怨都没有。他对客户的服务宗旨是,只要你们玩的开心、尽兴,对我来说这不算是什么大不了的问题。 他会说一些简单的英文,所以沟通方面也不会有太多的问题。所以以后有朋友要来日惹游玩,我会推荐Dion给他们。加油DION , we love you Dion !

“Elvis- Singapore”

Jalan-jalan di jogja selama 3 hari bersama mas dion , kita sangat happy , mas dion orang nya baik sekali , murah senyum , dan tanggung jawab , recommended sekali untuk driver mas dion jogja driver, semoga sukses boss bisnisnya.

“Bambang - Jakarta” 



Dion Jogjadriver adalah penyedia jasa transportasi / rental mobil di Yogyakarta. Dengan driver yang sudah punya pengalaman akan memberikan pelayanan yang baik dan kenyamanan selama Anda liburan di yogyakarta. So apabila anda mempunyai rencana untuk berkunjung ke yogyakarta dan membutuhkan transportasi segera hubungi kami, Dion Jogjadriver selalu terbuka untuk  membantu merencanakan waktu yang terbaik dalam perjalanan Anda di yogyakarta.  

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