Timang Beach Gondola

Timang Beach Gondola

Timang Gondola & Natural beach

Crossing above the Ocean
Not the usual walking on the sandy beach, but here you can cross the ocean. Pantai Timang offers one of a kind experience that can't be found at any other place, ocean crossing. You can experience crossing midair above the fierce wave of Indian Ocean. The route is from the beach toward alone small coral island called Timang Island, not far from the mainland. The ocean crossing is the highlight of this place. There are two ways to choose what to cross with, gondola or wooden bridge. Both have their own charm for the visitor, but for sure they’re the perfect treat for any adrenalin junkie.

Pantai timang gondola

Old Method from Local Fisherman
Historically, the first method for ocean crossing is using the gondola. That was done by the local fisherman as they looked for lobster at Timang Island. They did it with only simple lifeguard and simpler gondola. At some point, this unique method in looking for lobster reported through television, both international and national. From there the idea to make the Indian Ocean crossing as a tourist attraction came. At first, it was only the gondola. But later, they build a wooden bridge for another alternative. Do not imagine the modern machine-generated gondola, because the gondola here moves by human strength.


Cost         :  50 USD per person (minimum 2 person)
Pick up      :  09.00 AM at the Hotel
Duration     :  10 hours
Includes     :  Private car & Driver
                Entrance fee
                Gondola & Jeep Shutle
                Mineral water