Dieng Plateau, Central Java

Dieng Plateau, Central Java

Dieng Plateau, Central Java

Central Java has many tourist destinations. One of the destinations is Dieng Plateau. It located between two regions, Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. There are many tourists come to this place. They come from Indonesia and other countries. Yogyakarta travel package. Before visit this plateau, know more about the place. This plateau is caldera that formed by eruption a mountain. Then people visit it because there are many activities can do.

5 Things To Do In Dieng Plateau
Fortunately, there are many things to do in this plateau. All the things will give a great experience. So, it is better if visit Dieng with family or friends. Do many things together in here are very excited. However, if visit Central Java, do not forget to visit Dieng. After that, do all 5 things below. Here 5 things to do in Dieng Plateau:


1. Do Flying Fox In Telaga Warna
Telaga Warna is a popular place in this plateau. This place is like a small lake. It has clear water and great color. So that is why people call it Telaga Warna. Besides enjoying the scenery, the tourists can do flying fox. Sometimes, tourists come not just forsee the scenery. Of course, it will be a great occasion to do flying fox in a beautiful lake. All the facilities have deserved by local people or local guide here.


2. Enjoy Beautiful Sunrise
In Dieng, there is a place called Sikunir Hill. Then on this hill, we can see a beautiful sunrise. To enjoy this beautiful sunrise, we should come early. Come early morning to hear that enjoy this beautiful moment. Do not worry because there are local guides. Fortunately, the local guide can guide everyone to get the spot. For everyone that love sunrise, it is an incredible moment.


3. Watch Dieng Documentary
For your knowledge, in Dieng, there is a theater. Then all visitors can enjoy Dieng documentary. After watched Dieng documentary, visitors will understand many things. Visitors will learn about Dieng deeper. This opportunity is very great. Even, visitors can improve their knowledge. It is like an educational tour. So, it is recommended for children and teenagers.


4. Visit Arjuna Temple
Next, tourist can visit Arjuna Temple. According to history, it is a Hindu temple. Some local people still do many rituals in this temple. Commonly, people come to hear to take pictures. The temple is photogenic enough. Do not forget to bring a camera. Besides enjoying the view, take pictures is a great idea. Driver in Yogyakarta. Visit this temple and learn many things about history.


5. Nice Trekking
Of course, all tourists can do nice trekking here. So, do not forget to prepare our body. All visitors should uphill to arrive in the spot. Walk around this place need extra power. Although need extra power the view is nice. During trekking, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Then it will be a great holiday. Remember that, Dieng plateau is a cold area. So wear a thick jacket, gloves, and hat. Do not bring many things to go here. Make sure just bring necessary things. The last advice, it is better if use a local guide to explore this place.