Tempe Bacem, A Traditional Food From Yogyakarta

Tempe Bacem, A Traditional Food From Yogyakarta

Tempe Bacem, A Traditional Food From Yogyakarta

How To Learn To Make Tempe Bacem, A Traditional Food From Yogyakarta

Tempe bacem is one of the most delicious cuisines from Yogyakarta. It usually is served on Angkringan, a traditional food shop that especially serves Yogyakarta menu. Tempe bacem has a unique taste. It dominates with sweet and savory at the same time. Every tourist who ever ate it obviously addicted to Tempe bacem.

How to make it ?

Can people cook it even if they’re not in Indonesia? This information will help to learn to make Tempe bacem, traditional food from Yogyakarta.

How To Make Tempe ?

First, we must talk about how to learn to make Tempe. This is because the food isn’t made in everywhere but Indonesia. For people who are abroad but want to eat Tempe bacem, there’s no other way but make Tempe themselves. This is how to do it. 

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1. Soak The Soy In Water

First, buy the soy. This material could be found at every grocery. Afterward, clean the soy and soak it for 13-20 hours. The longer the soy is soaked, the softer Tempe would be. But if it isn’t desired, just soak Tempe for 13-15 hours.

2. Boil The Peeled Soy

After it has been soaked, take the soy from the water. Peel its skin. Then, boil it for some hours until the soy become softer.

3. Put The Yeast Over The Soy

After the soy become soft and juicy, put it until it has the average temperature. Use the fan so the cooling process could be done faster. Afterward, spread the yeast over the soy.

4. Divide The Yeasted Soy Into Plastics

We’re nearly finishing the process! Now we can call the yeasted soy as “Tempe”. Put the unshaped Tempe into any container. To be simpler, it’s best to use plastics or banana leaves as its wrapping.

5. Wait For The Fermentation Process

Finally, let the fermentation process begin. It usually requires 2-3 days, depends on how much yeast was spread over Tempe. But, remember don’t try to add more yeast to hasten the fermentation process. Hence it will affect the taste of Tempe. Moreover, it could cause the stomachache for anyone who eats it. 

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Those are steps to make Tempe. It requires patience, actually. But once someone makes Tempe, he/she could use it several times. Just keep the remained Tempe on the refrigerator. Now, we will talk about how to learn to make Tempe bacem. Tempe Bacem Recipe The first thing you have to do before learn to make Tempe bacem is gathering the materials. Let’s assume we had its primary material, Tempe. Other materials required are coconut water, onions, garlic, sugar, coriander, salt, lemongrass, galangal, and soy sauce.

First, crush all the materials (except Tempe and coconut water) in the liquidizer. Then cook it with oil for several minutes. When the seasoning is half ripe, put Tempe and coconut water inside the seasoning. Set the fire of the stove as small. If the seasoning has absorbed by Tempe, put Tempe out of the stove. Finally, cut it in some parts and fry until it’s ripe. It’s so simple. That is all how to learn to make Tempe bacem, traditional food from Yogyakarta. Even if you don’t come to the city, you still could taste Yogyakarta by enjoying its amazing cuisine. 

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