Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, The Unique Waterfall In East Java

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, The Unique Waterfall In East Java

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, The Unique Waterfall In East Java

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is located between Malang and Lumajang. This waterfall is a great destination for tourists in East Java. In fact, Tumpak Sewu has a unique shape. It is like a basin and as a circle. Besides this fact, many tourists argue that it is similar to Niagara Waterfall. Niagara is a waterfall located between USA and Canda. In this destination, there are many things can do.

5 Things To Do In Tumpak Sewu Waterfall
Invite friends to explore this waterfall is a great idea. Of course, it is caused there are many things to do. The majority of the visitors are young travelers. It is caused the access is difficult enough. The visitors should have a strong body to arrive at the waterfall. Although it is difficult the result will be satisfied. Here there are some activities can do in Tumpak Sewu:

1. Trekking Between Cliffs
This area has many cliffs. Then to get the best spot, the visitors should have trekking. The line is just a small street with water. So, when visit this place make sure the shoe comfort. Actually, the visitors cannot do it alone. They should pay some local guide. The local guide will take them to the spot. Visitors will walk between two cliffs. It is very full of adventures. Although difficult, it is a really amazing experience.

2. Visit Bark Garden
Then visitors can visit bark garden. The bark is a kind of fruit. The local people call it with "salak". Bark garden is a great place to visit. The owner is local people around the waterfall. The visitor can visit it and get many barks. The taste of the bark is really good. To enjoy this tour, visitors should pay. Do not worry because it is cheap enough. Visitors just need to pay all the barks that they want. The important things, visitors take the bark from the tree by themselves.

3. Take Pictures In Panorama Spot
Panorama spot in this waterfall is a spot to take the pictures. From this spot, the scenery is perfect. There are many photographers come here for taking pictures. So, do not forget to bring a good camera. This place is photogenic enough. Take pictures in this spot is favorite for all visitors. Some of them, take a long time to do this.

4. Enjoy The Scenery
After arrive in here, the visitors will take a rest. Then they enjoy the scenery. The scenery in this place is perfect enough. The waterfall is exotic. Then the rock and the cliffs offer a beautiful view. Visit this place is a great solution to refresh our mind.

5. Explore The Green Forest
The last activity is to explore the green forest. This waterfall located in the middle green forest. It means the visitor can explore the forest. Visitors can see many wild birds. Then they can see many kinds of trees in the forest. Of course, this activity is great enough. Green forest in Indonesia is wonderful. There are many kinds of animal and plants here. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is a good destination for tourists. Enjoy a waterfall in this place with friends. This place is recommended for young travelers. Visit this waterfall and get an amazing moment.